For us life is for living. To be happy, loved enjoy what you are doing and spend time with friends and family. Out on the open road on the Harley-Davidson®life can be one big adventure. Taking in the sights, looking at places in ways we haven’t had time to before. If we do not put on our helmets and get out on our big red Glide we can take the car and the Labrador and see where the road takes us. Or maybe it will be a holiday by the train, boat or plane. It could be just us, Steve and I or we may take a day trip or holiday with family or friends.

Whatever we do we sure will have a super time. Family holidays to Ibiza. Weekend trips to London. Motorcycle rallies to Aviemore, Rudesheim. Day trips to Peebles, Holy Island. Overnight trips to Aberdeen. Several days in Suffolk. We also love music; you may see us attending some gigs. Live music, festivals, Just to name a few. Life is an adventure – enjoy!

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You will be able to see the where we go, what the weather was like,

recommend places to eat, accommodation, etc.

Photo Information

Photographs starting at the top left. The first photo is Steve working as road crew at TITG® Aviemore at a junction on the rideout. Safety is paramount.

The next photo is me – Elizabeth. Happy as I can be, camera in hand ready to take numerous photographs of countless motorcycles.

Third is on a trip to London. It was bike night at Ace Cafe. What a fabulous night.

Bottom row, a day trip out with the dogs. The labradors Buddy and Bella love The Meldons, Steve and I do too. A big family favourite

Bottom right; another photograph on a ride at TITG®, you always get a warm welcome of bystanders. Fabulous to see folk dressed up.

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