Afternoon at Monikie Country Park

First Sunday of the year and its time for a ride up to Dundee to meet up with some friends. It’s the weekend of King Charles III Coronation. A bank holiday weekend so right on cue its raining this morning as I look out the window. Has it dampened our spirits, heck no. We are looking forward to a run on the big red Harley and a run over the Queensferry Crossing to meet up with some chums at Kinross before heading for an afternoon at Monikie Country Park.

We met up then had a very damp misty run. up together. As we head up the A92 and crossed the Tay Bridge the saying pea soup came to mind. I normally enjoy a view of the rail bridge, it was nowhere to be seen. As we left Dundee and head towards Carnoustie the weather brightened. Well signposted for the park we were nearly there. Riding in the entrance the roar of the Harley-Davidsons was unmistakable. I smiled it was going to be a grand afternoon at Monikie Country Park.

Goings on in the Afternoon at Monikie Country Park

As we arrived we unpacked the bike. Taking off the precious cargo; the Taylor guitar and the Ukulele. As well as music stand, iPad, music, etc. We had other stuff too, my feed pump, some provisions. Away we went to catch up with the others. I was absolutely freezing when I got the the decorated marquee. Set out with Picnic table and chairs and a lovely buffet. We were entertained by Syd and Steve singing some tunes. Yes this Steve.

To warm up we visited the lovely cafe that is onsite at Monikie Country Park. And what a grand cafe it is. Absolutely fabulous hot chocolate. Reasonable prices, certainly don’t break the bank. It was super having a natter with everyone. Steve and I enjoyed a walk before we headed back home. Really is a super day out. The damp weather certainly didn’t damper our spirits.

The150 acre park has a lot to offer for sports enthusiasts, walkers, families, etc. As well as the beautiful green woodland there are watersports available including windsurfing, dingy sailing, kayaking and rowboats. For the nimble folks there is an adventure playground. BBQ area. Really is a wonderful Country Park near Carnoustie for a day out either for a walk with the dog, on your own or as we did as a get together with a bunch of friends.  

After our toddle we headed back to the car park, loaded up the bike and made our way back. A different route home. This time down by Perth riding down the M90 rather than the A92. We rode passed the many pollytunnels which will soon be full of fruit ready for the pickers. Back over the Queensferry Crossing and before we knew it we were home. As usual Bella was waiting to greet us with a warm cuddle.

If you are in the area or looking for going for a trip to a country park. Think about giving Monikie Country Park a visit. Dogs, children, and motorbikes most welcome. We definitely enjoyed our afternoon at Monikie Country Park.

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4 thoughts on “Afternoon at Monikie Country Park

  1. Looks like a fun trip, Lizbeth. As an avid biker for over 50 years, many trips still rumble in the little gray cells. I gifted my Harley, and my grateful son carries on the two-wheel tradition while I focus on writing.

    1. Thanks for the comment. We have been biking together for 30 years. I first got on the back of Steve at 17 years of age. Although I first sat on my brothers bike as a toddler at the tender age of 3. Hooked from the outset. I am sure your son was so pleased with his gift. Enjoy your writing. I know I do

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