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You will read about our travels on the Harley-Davidson®. Road Trips in the car with our Labrador. Travelling by train to London and by plane to places we love including our island in the sun, Ibiza. Sometimes travelling with family or friends and other times just us. It may be a day trip or a 10 day break to Germany. In June we are heading off to The Magic Bike Rally in Rudesheim on the Harley-Davidson®. Whatever the travel an interesting and educational time is usually always had. Want to see more pop your email address in the box above and before you know it you will be part of our newsletter signup

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In the photos above top left Elizabeth and Steve with Dunedin Chapter Cuts on at TITG Rally in Aviemore. The second photo, Elizabeth poking through the sunroof of the Fiat Abarth in Sunny Ibiza. Photo to the right – a collection of friends taking a bike ride to Dunbar in East Lothian. Bottom left the ride home from Dunbar. Bottom right, Steve and Elizabeth at Edinburgh Harley-Davidson, the sponsoring dealership of Dunedin Chapter Scotland