Trip to Germany in June

The sun is shining, the temperature is certainly on the favourable end of the scale and our dream trip to Germany in June is now a reality. Travelling on the Harley-Davidson to Hull, enjoying the overnight ferry to Rotterdam. And then travelling after a good nights sleep through Holland and onto Germany. To reach our destination Bingen am Rhine. This Trip to Germany in June is primarily to enable us to attend the Magic Bike Rally in Rudesheim. An annual event attended by Harley-Davidsons and many other motorcycle riders. Although you do not have to be a rider to attend The Magic Bike Rally. Best thing about the middle of 2023 is a Trip to Germany in June.

Getting ready of Magic Bike Rally Rudesheim

Ferry Crossing for our Trip to Germany in June

The P&O crossing could not have been better. You can book ferry crossings through Direct Ferries; this does not limit you to one carrier, they really are super to deal with, good prices too. Smooth crossing, excellent service from staff in the restaurant. We were early to bed. Early to rise. Croissants and coffee in the morning before heading from Rotterdam to Bingen am Rhine. The weather warm, roads pleasant what better for a first ride in the continent in a while.

As we arrive Helmut and Mariane come out to greet us. 4pm and we are in our beautiful apartment, taking off the bike gear and getting changed into a comfortable pair of shorts. Ready to sit down and relax after the 420km ride. Keen to plan the next few days before the Magic Rally in Rudesheim. A super nights sleep and once again the adventure restarts.


Heading to Aldi’s for some essentials to keep us going through the week. Bingen Am Rhine is well served with supermarkets, fuel stations and restaurants. To get to Rudesheim from Bingen you can either cross the Rhine by car and passenger ferry, for us it is only 5 Euro for the motorcycle and the two of us to cross the Rhine. It’s such a pleasant experience. In the summer the ferries run until nearly Midnight and start first thing in the morning. You can read all about the ferries Here. We explored beautiful Rudesheim and of coarse I got a new pair of shoes.

As we drove to Sankt Goar the memories came flooding back, I first came here as a 10 year old with my parents and two sisters, Hazel and Helen. Oh what fun we had. Crossing the Lorely ferry from Sankt Goarshausen, climbing the vines, and my sisters drinking schnapps. Yes some things have changed but not much and certainly not the beautiful scenery or the warmth of the people. We have booked a trip with Get Your Own Guide to go on a River Cruise down the Rhine. Great Opportunity to relax and take some photos. Get Your Own Guide is a super App I have put on my phone and can literally search for things to do any any place I am in. Most activities do not take your money until just before you are going to take part. And you have the opportunity to cancel. You can click on the link and have a look, it costs absolutely nothing to put the app on your phone or iPad.


If you need any last minute bargains online or quality clothing, accessories, etc for the bike. I have found Webb Motorcycles great to deal with. Click on their logo below to get to their website, always worth a look.

Have a super day folks,

Lizbeth and Steve

Travelling Abroad with so Much Enteral Feed

Every day I am dependent on Lavita my Rig feed. Since 2015 I have needed the assistance of my lifesaving little tube morning, noon and night. When I want to go out and about I wear a backpack and carry my pump and feed around with me. Some things take a little more planning than others like going on holiday, taking part in certain activities. Since Steve and I love to ride the Harley-Davidson® together we make sure we are organised. Especially for longer runs, Chapter Events, weekends aways and foreign trips. In a weeks time we are leaving for Rudesheim in Germany for the Magic Bike Rally. I will be travelling abroad with so much enteral feed. I need to have my feed running when I am on the bike, especially on long journeys. And boy this is a long trip, first leg is Pencaitland to Hull to catch the overnight ferry. We have a cabin and sleep overnight on the ship. Steve will have to remember to put the bike in “ferry mode” Dock at Rotterdam and then second leg Rotterdam to Bingen am Rhein. Where we will be staying. I will need to have feed on for both legs, it keeps me well fed and prevents my blood blood sugar from dropping.

Rucksack to carry enteral feed

Steve treated me to a great rucksack made by Joules, looks fabulous in red. It has lots of handy pockets and its waterproof for going on the bike. The good looks of this rucksack takes away any medical issues. Such as the giving set connectors coming out of the bag attached to the feed attached to my stoma. Most people comment they never notice the cables. Saying they are discrete. It makes life so much easier when I am travelling abroad with so much enteral feed.

Enjoying Life

Finding the balance is important in life. I won’t pretend it is easy getting on and off the bike and riding with a feed running. The slight worry that something may go wrong. If we were to fall off the the bike the entire RIG could get ripped out of my gut. However that is something I don’t every want to worry about. I always take the necessary precautions, Steve rides carefully and sensibly. And we do everything in our power to make sure that the ride will be as safe as possible. Life is for living. We have been riding together since 1985, we rode together on our wedding day, the day before I gave birth to our eldest son, a few days after giving birth to our youngest son. And here we are still riding together through thick and thin, better or worse and sickness and in health….. Both our lads ride bikes and grandchildren love motorcycles.

We are so looking forward to putting the front wheel onto European tarmac and enjoying our time at The Magic Bike Rally. Enteral Feed and all.

Planning for Rudesheim on The Harley-Davidson®

Well four weeks today and we will be packing for our dream trip to The Rhineland. Such an exciting time to be going together on our big red machine to a country that holds dear to my heart. So many miles in France together, taking wonderful summer holidays with the children, now this is our time. Our first European trip together alone on the bike. We are going to Germany and the Magic Bike Rally in Rudesheim. These next few weeks will be the exciting ones planning for Rudesheim on The Harley-Davidson®.

We received our stickers for our numberplate this week. Every other day something else happens or arrives and brings some excitement. Turn on the computer and have a look at social media and brighten up our evening. Seeing the progress of the rally preparations.

We have our cabin booked on the overnight ferry there and back. Hoping to get good sailings and not choppy seas. Already we have sought out The Harley-Davidson® dealerships. They are nearby to the fine little house staying there the 10 days we are away. The dealerships in Wiesbaden and Frankfurt looks fabulous, so looking forward to walking through their doors.

All in the planning for Rudesheim on The Harley-Davidson®

As long as I have a notebook and pen and a camera packed I will be equipped for our holiday. I will leave the bike prep to Steve, I know the bike will be in safe hands with Steve. Its going in for a service, MOT and new tyres the run up before we go. Essentially Passports, insurance, registration document etc is all in hand. Clothes as always we won’t have much clothing with us as our web address says ‘Travelling Light UK and Beyond’. My feed is getting posted this week in good time. Most importantly it will arrive at our holiday destination, our hostess kindly said the boxes of feed and be stored till we arrive.

bike ride to Eyemouth