Trip to Germany in June

The sun is shining, the temperature is certainly on the favourable end of the scale and our dream trip to Germany in June is now a reality. Travelling on the Harley-Davidson to Hull, enjoying the overnight ferry to Rotterdam. And then travelling after a good nights sleep through Holland and onto Germany. To reach our destination Bingen am Rhine. This Trip to Germany in June is primarily to enable us to attend the Magic Bike Rally in Rudesheim. An annual event attended by Harley-Davidsons and many other motorcycle riders. Although you do not have to be a rider to attend The Magic Bike Rally. Best thing about the middle of 2023 is a Trip to Germany in June.

Getting ready of Magic Bike Rally Rudesheim

Ferry Crossing for our Trip to Germany in June

The P&O crossing could not have been better. You can book ferry crossings through Direct Ferries; this does not limit you to one carrier, they really are super to deal with, good prices too. Smooth crossing, excellent service from staff in the restaurant. We were early to bed. Early to rise. Croissants and coffee in the morning before heading from Rotterdam to Bingen am Rhine. The weather warm, roads pleasant what better for a first ride in the continent in a while.

As we arrive Helmut and Mariane come out to greet us. 4pm and we are in our beautiful apartment, taking off the bike gear and getting changed into a comfortable pair of shorts. Ready to sit down and relax after the 420km ride. Keen to plan the next few days before the Magic Rally in Rudesheim. A super nights sleep and once again the adventure restarts.


Heading to Aldi’s for some essentials to keep us going through the week. Bingen Am Rhine is well served with supermarkets, fuel stations and restaurants. To get to Rudesheim from Bingen you can either cross the Rhine by car and passenger ferry, for us it is only 5 Euro for the motorcycle and the two of us to cross the Rhine. It’s such a pleasant experience. In the summer the ferries run until nearly Midnight and start first thing in the morning. You can read all about the ferries Here. We explored beautiful Rudesheim and of coarse I got a new pair of shoes.

As we drove to Sankt Goar the memories came flooding back, I first came here as a 10 year old with my parents and two sisters, Hazel and Helen. Oh what fun we had. Crossing the Lorely ferry from Sankt Goarshausen, climbing the vines, and my sisters drinking schnapps. Yes some things have changed but not much and certainly not the beautiful scenery or the warmth of the people. We have booked a trip with Get Your Own Guide to go on a River Cruise down the Rhine. Great Opportunity to relax and take some photos. Get Your Own Guide is a super App I have put on my phone and can literally search for things to do any any place I am in. Most activities do not take your money until just before you are going to take part. And you have the opportunity to cancel. You can click on the link and have a look, it costs absolutely nothing to put the app on your phone or iPad.


If you need any last minute bargains online or quality clothing, accessories, etc for the bike. I have found Webb Motorcycles great to deal with. Click on their logo below to get to their website, always worth a look.

Have a super day folks,

Lizbeth and Steve

Into Auld Reekie to see Mike and The Mechanics

Midweek, mid month in April, the sun is shining Steve has just returned home to Sunny Boggs Holdings after a busy day. Bella the Labrador fetches his wallet runs up the hallway wagging her tail excitedly. She comes back down looking not quite as happy. Something else in her mouth, I spy it, she is gently carrying my make up bag. I can imagine what’s going on in her head, ah ha Mum and Dad are going out, that dreaded bag is a give away. And yes she is spot on. We are heading into Auld Reekie to see Mike and The Mechanics.


We have an absolute love for music, both playing and listening. As a teenager Genesis was music that was played, listened and purchased. Vinyl, cassettes, CDs and videos. Coming out Initially as a side project from Genesis. Genesis guitarist Mike Rutherford formed Mike and The Mechanics in 1984.

We have followed this group since the beginning. Loved a great many songs written by these talented song writers. Vocals sung in fabulous tune and instruments played in rhythm to a beat that makes me feel at one.

The concert was in The Usher Hall in Edinburgh. A majestic building in the capital city. Edinburgh is the city of our birthplace. A city that we hold so dear. The one that I gave birth to both our sons. We got married in. Got our first flat. So many memories we have. Auld Reekie you have a special place in our heart.

Driving Into Auld Reekie

Driving into Edinburgh is a fairly simple one from East Lothian. Leaving our Cottage in the Boggs and drive up the single track road. Its a grand time 6 o’ clock in the evening the sun is still shining however the road is fairly quiet. As we drive up the country road its pleasurable to see the last of the daffodils hanging in there and the blossom on the trees coming out in full flow. Taking a slow drive up passed the farm fields to enjoy watching the spring lambs galloping along, chasing one another wagging their tails. As we take the approach onto the A1 I gaze at the height of the crops in the fields, the beautiful carpet of yellow taking my breath away. Now getting tall enough the heads of the oil seed rape look as though they are dancing when swaying in the wind.

To see Mike and The Mechanics……. bringing back memories……….

Approaching the city we pass the multi purpose sports centre, Meadowbank Stadium, I speak of how I remember going to the stadium as a youngster with my parents to watch the wresting. Big Daddy, Giant Haystacks, oh my those were the days. As teenagers we used the stadium to play badminton, we hired courts. There is a super running track around the stadium. Meadowbank was originally built in 1970 to accommodate the commonwealth games.

Around the area of the sports centre is highly populated with a good amount of flats, colony houses, schools, churches, etc. Not to mention a wide selection of shops including, hairdressers, barbers, grocers, etc. As we vere to the left we head in the direction of Holyrood Palace, sitting at the bottom of the Royal Mile. We drive up the High Street and I’m heartened to see at 6.45pm in the evening shops still open, people walking around. The high street has a wonderful selection of shops with cashmere sweaters, Scottish jewellery. There are certainly quite a few places to sit and have something to eat and drink.

Along the Grassmarket, take a turn then find a parking space!

Heading for the Grassmarket, passing people carrying cases going to their hotel. Others walking along looking like they are heading out for the evening. Lots of inviting places to eat. Edinburgh looks busy. Driving up the Grassmarket, then hey presto we are taking a turn to drive down Lady Lawson Street. Looking for a parking space – too much hassle, for the price of it, the NCP car park. Quick and easy. Get parked and then a short walk across the road to The Usher Hall.

Taking our seats and a step back in time

As we were warmly welcomed by the staff at The Usher Hall we had both been looking forward to this Gig since we got the tickets in 2022. Super seats, excellent view. Steve goes and gets himself a cola and me a pink gin. Got to get the priorities right. From the moment the band stepped on stage they did not disappoint. Oh my goodness, the room was rocking. Of course it helped they sang my ultimate favourite Genesis song Follow you, follow me. The memories came flooding back and I thought of myself belting out as I was walking back from the university library all those years ago. The rendition of Beggar on a beach of gold was outstanding; I can visualise my Mother singing as she is dusting, the hifi playing so loud she didn’t notice me walking in the sitting room. As they sang the tears ran down my cheeks. And when they did I can’t dance and someone from the audience did the actions on the floor in the stalls. Absolutely fabulous. Yes goes without saying they burst out Living Years.

The Lights were tremendous. Only disappointment it went far too quickly. Blink of an eye and it was over. How does the saying go? Time goes quickly when you are enjoying yourself. And yes was certainly doing that. The trip into Auld Reekie to see Mike and The Mechanics was an enjoyable emotional one.

Whilst visiting Edinburgh you can pop along to South Queensferry and take in the view of our stunning bridges. Why not take a Sightseeing tour

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